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Tree Care in Ann Arbor That Beautifies Your Landscape

Quality tree care is essential for your property value and curb appeal, and we have your solutions!

When it's time to take care of tree care in Ann Arbor, do you feel overwhelmed with all that's involved? Of course, it's reasonable to handle some of your gardening and landscaping on your own, but some of it should be taken care of by professionals. Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal Service is the most qualified in the region. With over 20 years of experience, relax knowing that we have your answers.

It can be challenging to determine the best course of action for large, diseased, or dead trees. We have the tools, equipment, and advanced methods to complete all tree services, regardless of what you want to have done.

Take a look at all we offer, then reach out to set up an on-site appointment with our tree care specialists!

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Our Tree Care in Ann Arbor Services Are Virtually Limitless!

Tree Trimming is Tree Care in Ann Arbor We Can Do Quickly

Tree trimming in Ann Arbor is one tree care service we are fully set up and ready for. We have industrial equipment and a work crew dedicated to finishing the job. So whether you're looking to cut back a few dead branches or completely cut down the whole tree, we do it efficiently and at a fair price.

Would you rather spend your weekend sweating in the yard trying to tackle a project like this or do something you enjoy instead? We think we know the answer! Our crew will have your trees trimmed in a fraction of the time, and the cost of tree trimming is one that you can live with.

Our pros are standing by, ready to discuss your tree care in Ann Arbor needs today.

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Tree Pruning for a Better View & Healthier Trees

Did you know that regardless of how old or established your landscaping is, you should still get regular tree pruning in Ann Arbor? We have the experience and education to know what to cut and what to leave alone. Not only does it improve the look of the tree, but it also makes it much healthier overall.

You likely don't have the ladders, saws, and safety equipment to get to the tops of your biggest tress, but we do! So, instead of risking your safety, keep your feet flat on the ground and leave it to us.

Our quotes are FREE, so there's nothing for you to lose. Contact us now to get all the details.

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Tree Shaping - Is it the Ann Arbor Tree Care You're Missing?

You planted trees when you bought your property, or perhaps some were already there when you moved in. After some time passes, your trees are now way out of shape. Our tree shaping experts will clip, trim, and shape your trees into something stunning that you didn't know was even there.

Underneath all the overgrown, dead, and unhealthy limbs, a glorious-looking tree is waiting to be revealed. We want to show up the possibilities!

Fill out our online quote form today, and we will get back to you right away. Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

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Planting & Transplanting - Tree Care in Ann Arbor You Need!

It's time for tree planting, and our tree care experts are here to do the heavy lifting. After a meeting with an arborist from Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal, you will have a design plan drawn up expressing exactly where all your new trees will go and what you can expect in the years to come.

If you have trees on your property that have outgrown their living space, but you don't want to get rid of them completely, we can come and dig them up and put them in a more suitable location.

We're fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee all of our services. As the number one tree care company in Ann Arbor, you're making the right choice with your investment.

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Shrub Trimming in Ann Arbor by Creative Experts

You have the shrub trimming equipment in your garage, but it's one task for tree care in Ann Arbor that you'd like to leave off your to-do list. It can take hours, or even days, depending on how many shrubs you have. Who has that kind of time? And even if you do, the results won't be the same as if you had a professional handle it for you.

We will do your shrub trimming around your schedule so that you can be ready for the next event at your home. Your visitors will be raving at how great your yard looks when we're through. So call today to get an appointment booked!

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Cabling & Bracing Keeps Your Trees From Coming Down

Cabling and bracing trees is necessary if you have trees on your property that are on the verge of coming down. Look around and see what's in striking distance if that happens. Chances are you're going to lose more than just the tree.

Our crew will assess the situation and see the best method for supporting your tree for the long haul. So instead of worrying about it falling on your home, vehicles, or even an unsuspecting person, get the peace of mind you're looking for to know it's solid.

As a locally owned and operated business, we respond quickly and give you the personal attention you deserve.

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Tree Disease Treatment - Let Us Save Your Trees!

Tree disease treatment is a service for tree care in Ann Arbor that is delicate and requires a specialist's education and understanding of the life of trees. Our team has gone through all the classes and training to ensure we know what's ideal for keeping your tree from fading out completely.

If you see a tree on your property that doesn't look like it's thriving, it could be suffering from a number of tree diseases. How can you tell which one or how to remedy the situation? Call us to come and take a look!

Our prices are fair, our contractors are honest, and we promise to get you the answer to your tree troubles. Call today!

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- Rachel G.

Are You in Our Ann Arbor, Michigan Service Areas?

While we call Ann Arbor home base, we are ready and eager to travel to all the surrounding cities and towns to provide the best tree care throughout our service areas. Find our crews in Ypsilanti, Saline, Whitmore Lake, Canton, Westland, and beyond. If you want the most successful, respected, and honest tree care company at your home or business, Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal Service is the name to trust. We can't wait to hear from you, so call today!

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