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Our company, Ann Arbor Tree Triming and Removal Services, is dedicated to providing expert and affordable tree service Canton, MI. Whether you need tree trimming, pruning, or full removal, our team of ISA Certified Arborists has the skills and experience to handle any job safely and efficiently. We use the latest techniques and equipment, like aerial lifts and climbing gear, to access tall trees and promote their health.

Pruning helps trees develop strong structure and removes dead or damaged limbs that pose safety hazards. For old, diseased, or problem trees, we offer complete removals, grinding down the stump, and cleaning up all debris. With over 20 years serving the local area, we have an excellent reputation for reliable service, reasonable prices, and quality results.

Our team arrives on time, protects your property, and works quickly to minimize disruption to your landscape. Contact our team today for a FREE estimate! We provide tree care services for commercial and residential customers.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"I called Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal, and they said they'd come and give me a quote that day. The arborists kept me informed throughout and were very professional. I have used this same tree company twice now, and I would not use anyone else. Thanks again for the amazing service!"
- Rachel G.
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We Have a Tree Service in Canton, Michigan, Fit for Every Need

As a  professional tree service company, we offer a full range of services to maintain and improve the health and appearance of trees in your landscape:

  • Tree trimming and pruning to remove dead or damaged branches, improve structure and growth, and prevent hazards. Specialized techniques like crown reduction and cleaning, thinning, elevation pruning, and vista pruning.
  • Tree removal Canton when a tree is diseased, dying, or poses a safety risk
  • Emergency tree services like storm damage cleanup.
  • Planting and transplanting of trees.
  • Tree fertilization and pest control.
  • Cabling and bracing for added support.
  • Tree health monitoring and care plans.

Our certified arborists have the skills and equipment like cranes, lifts, and climbing gear to access tall trees and provide complete care for the trees on your property. Contact us today to discuss your specific tree needs and get a free estimate.


Why Choose the Professionals

Trying to trim or remove trees yourself can be dangerous without the right equipment and training. Our professional arborists have years of specialized experience and all the proper safety gear and tools to do the job without incident. We arrive on-site in trucks stocked with lifts, harnesses, ropes, chainsaws, and other gear that most homeowners lack.

We know the proper pruning techniques to keep your trees healthy without accidentally damaging them. We can also safely dismantle large, mature trees, piece by piece, in a controlled manner. Paying for professional tree service in Canton, MI,  protects you from injury, saves you time and effort, and avoids expensive property damage that can happen with DIY mistakes.

Our company has insurance coverage you likely don’t. Tree work can involve electrical lines, standing too close to the tree, and cutting overhead branches. Let us handle the hazards while you relax. With reasonable rates and quality service, hiring pros is smarter than tackling dangerous tree projects yourself.

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Trusted Residential & Commercial Tree Services

Root Removal

Invasive tree roots can damage pipes, foundations, and pavements. Our professional crew uses specialized equipment to grind away problem roots without harming the tree. Let us inspect and provide a cost-effective root removal solution to stop root intrusion and damage at your property.

Stump Removal

Unsightly stumps can be a nuisance long after tree removal. We offer complete stump grinding to remove them entirely. Using professional stump grinders, we'll eliminate the stump quickly and efficiently, leaving a clean, debris-free landscape behind.

Lot & Land Clearing

We provide complete land and lot clearing services. Our team can efficiently remove trees, stumps, brush, and debris from your property using professional-grade equipment. Transform overgrown land into usable space with our affordable land and lot-clearing packages.
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Why Choose Our Local Team

Experienced Arborists

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists have years of training and on-the-job experience providing complete tree care in this region. You can trust our arborists' expertise in safely pruning, trimming, and removing trees to maintain their health, beauty, and safety. 

Emergency Help

Storms and high winds can cause downed trees and dangerous conditions. We provide emergency tree removal services to make your property safe as quickly as possible. No job is too big or too small for our team, available around the clock. Call us anytime if a tree emergency strikes for rapid response.

Affordable Rates

Our competitive pricing and quality workmanship make us the best value for your tree service needs. As a local company, we offer very reasonable rates to residents and businesses throughout the area. Contact us for a free estimate and see how we can work within your tree care budget.
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Tree Service Experts in Ann Arbor  - Fast & Friendly Tree Removal, Trimming, and More!

Tree care, land clearing, tree removal, commercial tree service, and emergency tree removal are all just one phone call away. We are fully licensed and insured, and locally owned. Contact us at (734) 472-2800
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