7 Warning Signs You Require Emergency Tree Removal in Ann Arbor

June 18, 2022

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Chances are that most homeowners don’t think about tree removal on an Ann Arbor property until it’s too late! Homeowners aren’t always familiar with signs of tree disease and decay. In turn, they might not realize that a tree is ready to topple.

Check out these warning signs that it’s time to schedule emergency tree removal in Ann Arbor. This information will help ensure that you’re keeping your property safe from damage. You’ll also reduce the risk of injury to anyone in a tree’s vicinity! As always, call a professional for tree removal, to ensure safe services and to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

emergency tree removal services in Ann Arbor

1. Is it leaning? Schedule emergency tree removal!

A leaning tree needs immediate attention as it risks toppling at any moment. In some cases, a tree care specialist might use braces or cables to keep the tree in place. However, severely damaged or decaying trees need immediate removal. It’s especially urgent to schedule emergency tree removal in Ann Arbor if the tree is leaning over a house, fence, or other structure.

2. Lost bark? It might be time for tree removal!

Healthy trees sometimes lose bark sections, often to make room for new bark. Also, a tree might grow and expand too quickly for its bark, causing sections to fall away. On the other hand, damaging fungus, insect infestation, wildlife, and disease all risk bark loss!

To ensure your tree is healthy despite losing its bark, call a tree services contractor. He or she can examine the tree and note the cause of bark loss. He or she can advise on treating and salvaging the tree or if it’s time for emergency removal.

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3. Severely cracked or split trees need quick removal

A small crack or split along a tree limb or branch isn’t always serious. However, it’s good to remove a cracked, split, or otherwise damaged branch before it falls. Again, it’s vital to do this quickly if the branch is hanging over a roof, fence, or other such structure.

On the other hand, cracks and splits along a tree trunk or “crotch” are often serious! Those cracks typically grow and spread, risking the tree toppling or splitting completely. To avoid property damage and injury, schedule tree removal if you notice cracks and splits along the trunk or crotch.

4. Storm-damaged trees often need immediate removal

Unfortunately, storm damage typically wounds trees beyond healing. Damaged trunks often cannot hold the weight of a tree, which is then likely to topple. Flooding can also ruin tree roots, risking rot and fungus. If you notice a wounded tree on your property after a storm, call an arborist for an inspection and removal.

5. Lots of damaged branches indicate needed removal

A damaged branch isn’t necessarily a sign of needed tree removal. However, a damaged or dying tree might result in several cracked, rotted, or otherwise wounded branches. Depending on the tree’s condition, these branches might not heal and grow healthy and strong again.

In these cases, not only do the branches risk snapping off but the tree itself might be ready to topple. Rather than just removing lots of damaged branches, call an arborist or tree care specialist. He or she should evaluate those branches and the tree itself and decide if it’s time for removal.

6. Don’t overlook signs of decay or disease

Never overlook signs of tree decay or disease, including discolored leaves and bark abnormalities. If these don’t correct themselves quickly, call an arborist. In some cases, diseases and decay only worsen over time. Eventually, the tree might weaken to the point of toppling, so it’s best to schedule removal instead!

7. A tree services contractor cannot revive a dead tree!

Arborists and tree services contractors cannot somehow revive a dead tree; instead, these usually become home to invasive pests. As insects, rodents, and other pests eat away at that tree, it gets weaker and more likely to topple. Also, those pests might then make their way to nearby structures, risking costly damage!

If you notice a tree without leaves and bark, that looks overly dry, or struggles to thrive, schedule removal. It’s vital that you do this before the tree loses branches or outright topples. Above all, removal ensures your property looks clean and pristine, and well-maintained!

Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal Service is happy to provide this information about emergency tree removal in Ann Arbor. If you notice any of these issues on your property, call our Ann Arbor tree services contractors. We offer FREE quotes and convenient appointment times. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today!



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