Spending Money on Tree Care in Ann Arbor – Is It Worth It?

February 26, 2022

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Not every homeowner wants to spend money on tree care in Ann Arbor! Many homeowners might also assume that trees don’t need regular care and maintenance. While it’s true that trees might grow strong on their own, tree care is also a vital investment.

Before you go another year without scheduling tree care for your property, check out a few of its benefits. Also, you might find it helpful to learn a bit more about various tree services available. You can then discuss these with a tree services company near you as needed.

What Types of Tree Care Services Are Available?

Your property might need a wide variety of tree care services in Ann Arbor! Note a few options you might schedule for your home or commercial lot:

  • Pruning removes unnecessary branches. For example, you might need pruning for branches hanging over a house or fence. Also, pruning cuts away branches encroaching on overhead power lines.
  • Trimming promotes healthy growth. A tree care professional might trim overly heavy branches or trim away some smaller limbs. In turn, your tree can enjoy more sunlight and fresh air circulation around the trunk.
  • Tree removal is vital for dead, diseased or decaying trees. One reason for this is that an arborist cannot revive a dead tree! Two, weak trees risk toppling, often without warning. Lastly, dead trees might host pests who then make their way into nearby structures.
  • Cabling and bracing are vital for leaning trees. This service allows that tree to grow upright once again while reducing the risk of toppling.
  • Stump removal safely digs up stumps, while grinding reduces that stump to mulch or shavings. This service ensures a safe, attractive property.
  • Brush removal and land clearing can remove invasive vegetation. Also, it gets a lot ready for construction and development.

tree trimming ann arbor

Should I Spend Money for Tree Care In Ann Arbor?

In short, money for tree care in Ann Arbor is an excellent choice! Trimming allows trees you want to keep on your property grow healthy and strong, prolonging their life. Additionally, as trimming thins branches, you can enjoy more fresh air and sunlight around a patio or other outdoor space. Professional tree care services also ensure a safe property. Removing dead trees reduces the risk of injury or property damage due to toppling. Also, note that dead, dry trees are often a fire risk! Getting these off your property also means one less target for lightning strikes and other such hazards.

Property owners also do well to note how trees affect other vegetation in the area, either for good or for bad! For example, mature trees help keep moisture in the soil and reduce erosion. Additionally, they supply shade for grass and flowers, so these don’t wilt under hot summertime sun. On the other hand, too much shade might stunt grass and vegetation and keep it from growing. Large roots might also start wrapping around foundation concrete or underground pipes. In turn, they might suffer cracks and other damage. You can avoid this risk by removing dangerous, overgrown trees from your property.

Should I Trim a Tree or Remove It?

Now that you know a bit more about tree trimming and pruning benefits, you might wonder if you should remove a certain tree instead. First, ask yourself if the tree is salvageable as a landscaper cannot revive dead trees, as said. Second, note if removing it would enhance your property or detract from its appearance! For example, removing an overgrown tree might mean an improved view of the horizon and daily sunsets or sunrises. This service can also save you the cost of constantly having to prune away dangerous branches.

tree pruning and trimming for ann arbor property

On the other hand, trees add lots of visual interest to a property. They also help clean the air and keep a property cooler during summer months. Additionally, trees provide a roosting place for birds and other wildlife, benefiting the local ecosystem. For these reasons, you don’t want to remove a tree too hastily!

Lastly, consider the advice of your arborist or tree care contractor. He or she might note soil conditions on your property and how a tree affects other vegetation. They might also note if a tree is diseased and needs removal, or if some trimming and other care can help it grow strong and lush over the years!

Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal Service is happy to provide this information about spending money for tree care in Ann Arbor. Hopefully it helped you see the value of various tree care services for your property! If you want to keep your property lush and safe, call our expert Ann Arbor tree care contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE evaluation and price quote for all the tree services you need to have done.


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