6 Secret Benefits of Tree Service in Ann Arbor, MI

September 27, 2022

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Property owners should never put off Ann Arbor tree service! Trees are often the last thing you might think about when it comes to landscaping and property maintenance. However, regular trimming, pruning, and other care keeps trees growing healthy and strong.

Additionally, it’s vital that you schedule tree and stump removal when necessary. If you’re not sure why, keep reading! There are many benefits to regular tree service, and the following are just 6 to consider.

1. Tree service in Ann Arbor keeps trees healthy

If you have mature trees on your property that you want to see stay strong and healthy, schedule regular tree service. Trimming removes overgrown branches, to reduce a tree’s energy usage. Also, cutting away overgrown branches encourages more healthy sunlight and air circulation around a tree.

Additionally, an arborist can note if a tree needs special treatment, such as for infestation or disease. He or she might also note a weak tree that needs cabling. Moreover, a tree services contractor might suggest removing damaged branches so they don’t put weight on the trunk. These services all allow that tree to grow healthy again and stay strong over time.

2. Pruning protects overhead wires

Check your property’s trees and note if the branches seem close to overhead wires. Even if they’re not close now, consider how a storm might change that! High winds can easily push branches into wires and cables, risking costly damage.

To avoid this risk, consider regular pruning for trees close to wires, as needed. A tree care contractor can note what branches need removal, and how often to schedule this service. In turn, you can rest assured that those wires and cables are safe no matter the weather.

tree service in ann arbor

3. Pruning also protects property below!

In addition to protecting overhead wires, regular pruning protects property below and close to those branches. It’s not unusual for tree branches to scrape against nearby roofs, risking damage. Also, falling branches can damage fences, cars, light fixtures, decks, and other such property underneath the tree.

For these reasons, consider regular trimming for any tree growing close to a home or garage. Also, have a tree care contractor cut away branches hanging over outdoor features. This is especially vital for tree branches hanging over a neighboring property. Removing those branches reduces the risk of costly property damage.

4. Trimming and pruning enhance your view

Trees offer a stunning aesthetic on any property. However, they can also block your sightline of the horizon or an attractive outdoor feature. Overly thick branches can also seem somewhat shaggy and unsightly, and create a neglected look on your property.

On the other hand, trimming away some branches can mean enjoying more sunlight and an enhanced view. Trimming a tree crown also ensures a manicured, tended look. In turn, you’ll enjoy a better view and enhanced curb appeal for your home or commercial property.

5. Too much shade is not healthy for lawn and landscaping features

One advantage of having trees on your property is that they provide needed shade. That shade can keep your house cool during summer and offer an escape from the sun along your outdoor space. However, note if your property’s trees might be keeping your property too dark and even unhealthy! While harsh sunlight damages grass and flowers, healthy sun exposure encourages their growth.

Too much shade can then mean a withered lawn and landscaping features, and overly moist soil. Additionally, you might enjoy some sunlight when out on your patio or deck! In turn, tree trimming means just the right amount of sun on your property and outdoor features.

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6. Never overlook needed tree and stump removal

Dead or decaying trees often risk toppling at any time, and stumps are hazardous and unsightly. Also, note that dead trees and stumps often attract unwanted pests who might make their way to nearby houses and commercial structures. Consequently, it’s vital that you don’t overlook needed tree and stump grinding and removal services.

Additionally, remember that trees don’t need to be outright dead to warrant removal. Severely leaning trees or damaged and diseased trees are often beyond repair. They might also be very unsightly and unwelcoming. In turn, an arborist might recommend removal rather than trying to save them. It's important to hire a tree professional for your tree services.

Ann Arbor tree service is happy to provide this information about the secret benefits of tree service in Ann Arbor. If you know, it’s time for pruning, trimming, or removal, call our Ann Arbor tree service company. We’ll schedule a FREE inspection and price quote. For more information, contact us today.


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